Choosing The Right Season For Your Utah Elopement

Oct 20, 2023


Utah stands out as the most beautiful and magical state to elope in for couples due to its unparalleled and diverse natural wonders. From the mystical red rock formations in Arches and Bryce Canyon National Parks to the snow-capped peaks of the Wasatch Mountains, Utah offers a breathtaking tapestry of landscapes that rivals fairy tales.

The state’s unique geological features, such as delicate arches and towering hoodoos, create a surreal and enchanting backdrop for an intimate ceremony. The play of light on the diverse terrains at sunrise or sunset adds an ethereal quality to the experience, making every moment truly magical. Utah’s vast and remote wilderness also provides couples with a sense of seclusion, allowing them to exchange vows in a private and intimate setting amidst the grandeur of nature.

Although all seasons are beautiful in Utah, there are two that stand out the most for couples looking to elope: summer and fall. Both are stunning choices in their vastly different and unique ways. Choosing which season is right for you helps navigate and inspire the rest of your elopement plans and aesthetics.

The Summer

Summer in Utah is truly a dream come true for outdoor enthusiasts. You’ll have endless options for jaw-dropping locations, especially in Northern Utah where the landscape is full of lush greens. The long days and not-too-warm temperatures make it ideal for adventurous elopements and outdoor celebrations. Just imagine the romantic and dreamy photos you’ll have to cherish forever!

Pros: Green and vibrant scenery, long days, warm temperatures, and access to a variety of locations.

Cons: Days can get hot, chance of unpredictable weather and rain, and bugs can be out and about.

The Fall

Now let’s talk about fall- my personal favorite season to photograph weddings in Utah. The vibrant colors of the changing leaves creates such a beautiful backdrop for photos on your special day. Imagine saying your vows under a canopy of golden aspens or against a backdrop of fiery red cliffs. The sightly chilly air adds a touch of intimacy on a fall day, and the cooler weather allows for a comfortable experience. Your wedding album will be filled with warm and rich tones that truly capture the essence of this enchanting season.

Pros: Beautiful shades of color from changing leaves, cooler temperatures during the day, weather is more predictable.

Cons: Can get quite chilly in the evening and night, towards the end of the season plants and trees start to dwindle, and the days are shorter.

What Season is Right For You?

Now, how do you decide which season is right for you? It all boils down to personal preference and what kind of atmosphere you envision for your big day. If you’re all about outdoor adventures, long sunny days, fresh green grass, and basking in the warmth of the sun, summer might be the perfect fit for you. On the other hand, if you’re a fan of cozy vibes, warm autumn tones, and cool weather, then a fall elopement or wedding may be more your style!

Ultimately, no matter which season you choose, Utah has something truly magical to offer. From the breathtaking landscapes to the sense of adventure in the air, your wedding or elopement will be an experience you’ll remember for a lifetime. So, take a peek below at my galleries featuring a stunning summer elopement and a captivating fall celebration. Let the images inspire you, follow your heart, and choose the season that speaks to your soul. Happy planning!

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